Tim ThorsonEpisode 12: Fraud That Keeps Us Up at Night

At Payments 2024, guest host Peter Davey, the Payments Jedi, caught up with current Board member and former Chair, Tim Thorson, also the 2024 recipient of our Richard R. Oliver Leadership in Payments Award. Tim discusses why Authorized Push Payment fraud keeps him up at night; the need to protect customers from themselves; and how to keep work from feeling like work!

Lisa CoffeyEpisode 11: Coffey Talk - What Are You Waiting For?

This episode is a must for community banks and credit unions that may be unsure about how or when to test the waters of instant payments. Listen in as ePayAdvisors Board member Lisa Coffey, Chief Innovation Officer for Corporate America Credit Union, and ePayAdvisors’ Tracy Merritt and Crissy Terry have a very important conversation about the perceived barriers to participating in FedNow® and RTP®; the reputation risk of not participating; receive vs. send strategies; and why now is the best time to dip your toes in!

Elizabeth McQuerryEpisode 10: Deep in Payments with Elizabeth McQuerry

In this episode, guest host Peter Davey, the Payments Jedi, talks with Glenbrook Partners' Elizabeth McQuerry about the importance of the accessibility of cross-border payments and the advantage apps have in the consumer cross-border arena.


Norman RobinsonEpisode 9: Looking Back - and Forward - With Norman Robinson

Just days away from ePayResources' 50th anniversary, we are delighted to catch up with Norman Robinson, former President and CEO of EastPay, one of our predecessor organizations. Norman shares his perspective on the huge evolution in payments he witnessed in his 44 years in the industry; how smaller financial institutions can benefit from a problem-solving approach to payments; and the easy transition from growing payments to growing plants!


David WatsonEpisode 8: The Instant Payments Journey is Easier Than You Think!

Guest host Peter Davey, the Payments Jedi, is in The Payments Space with David Watson, President and CEO of The Clearing House at Payments 2024. Listen as they discuss the death of checks, the impact of interoperability on instant payments adoption, and why the journey to implementation is easier than you think!


Mark GouldEpisode 7: Do You Have FedNow FOMO?

Listen in as guest host Peter Davey, the Payments Jedi, talks with Mark Gould, Chief Payments Executive for Federal Reserve Financial Services, at Smarter Faster Payments 2024 to discuss FedNow FOMO, key drivers of adoption, and ISO 20022 wire migration.


Tim QuisenberryEpisode 6: Wishing Tim Quisenberry a Happy Retirement!

Tim Quisenberry, President of ePayAdvisors, is retiring after 18 years with ePayResources and its subsidiary. A genuine and committed relationship builder, Tim has worn many hats during his time with us. Listen in to hear some of his favorite memories, his advice to the generation entering the payments workforce, and what he will - and won't - be doing on day 1 of retirement!


Peter DaveyEpisode 5: The Payments Jedi Peter Davey on Universal Payments

Advisor to the ePayResources Board of Directors, ePayConnect Conference Planning Committee Chair, and Payments Jedi Peter Davey of Alloy Labs shares his take on universal payments, kitchen renovations, and why you need to attend ePayConnect 2024.


Stephanie FelthouseEpisode 4: A Close Encounter With Identity Theft

Identity Theft can happen to anyone, at any time, so you can't let your guard down - EVER! Stephanie Felthouse, Manager, Payments Education, shares her personal story of ID Theft and what she is doing to make sure it does not happen again. We also chat about all the member services ePayResources provides to help you protect yourself, your institution, and your customers or members.


Episode 3: The REAL Truth About NCP Exam Preparation!

Anne-Marie Leake chats with Eugene Harmon of Langley FCU and Angelica Larrañaga of ePayResources about preparing for the National Check Professional exam, what works and what doesn't, what it means for your and your institution, and the importance of treating yourself when the experience is over.


Episode 2: The Payments Beer Nerds Contemplate the Death of Checks

In Episode 2, recorded at ePayConnect 2023, the Payments Beer Nerds contemplate the death of checks and a flight of craft beer.



Episode 1: Get to Know Jeff Foote, President and CEO 

In our first episode of The Payments Space, we talk to Jeff Foote, President and CEO, about Alaska, boyhood dreams, Spotify, and what the future may hold for the payments industry and ePayResources!