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Payments are critical to your institution’s evolution as consumers and businesses demand the speed and innovation of emerging solutions. Your institution’s options in the payments space are constantly expanding, increasing the complexity and challenge of meeting an array of customer demands in a way that supports your overall strategic focus. ePayAdvisors provide your team the support and tools to evaluate your payments services in a strategic context.

The many areas of consideration include:

  • minimizing technology investment risk;
  • enabling rapid decisioning in risk management processes;
  • reflecting real-time money movement in back-end systems;
  • managing complex liquidity requirements; and
  • reviewing the payments ecosystem holistically to make truly strategic decisions


Strategic Guidance Paths

Choose the path(s) that best supports your institution’s strategic plan:

  • Payments Infrastructure Executive View documents a cross-enterprise view of your institution’s payments business that brings internal stakeholders to a common level of understanding and to facilitate strategic decision making.
  • Payments for Executives provides customized high-level education on the business basics of payment systems to enable you team to make informed decisions.
  • Payments Strategy Alignment creates an understanding of your overarching business strategy and how your payments business aligns to meet your institution’s goals.



Regardless of which path(s) you choose to explore, ePayAdvisors supply these outputs to guide your strategic next steps:

  • Payments Gap Analysis drills down into ways to improve the payments services the institution already offers and explores desired new paths.
  • Faster Payments Readiness Assessment analyzes where your institution is in your journey and empowers incremental improvements before embarking on a path to join a new network.
  • Faster Payments RFP Guidance assists in developing and evaluating a customized Request For Proposal to ensure thorough exploration of potential partners.


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