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ACH Compliance Audit for Financial Institutions

Have you completed your required ACH Compliance Audit?

Is your financial institution in compliance with the Nacha requirement that all participating financial institutions, Third-Party Service Providers, and Third-Party Senders conduct an annual audit of compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules? 

Article One, Subsection 1.2.2 Audits of Rules Compliance of the Nacha Operating Rules states:

A Participating DFI must annually conduct, or have conducted, an audit of its compliance with these Rules. A Third-Party Service Provider or a Third-Party Sender that has agreed with a Participating DFI to process Entries must annually conduct, or have conducted, an audit of its compliance with these Rules. An annual audit must be conducted under these Rules Compliance Audit Requirements no later than December 31 of each year.

Experienced, accredited payments experts can perform your ACH Compliance Audit onsite or remotely at a competitive rate! The scope of our audits are continually enhanced and are based on the ACH Rules identified in Articles 1-3 of the Nacha Operating Rules. 

In addition to reviewing your financial institutions compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules, we review compliance with 31 C.F.R. Part 210 (Federal Government payments) and Regulations CC and E. We also assess the efficiency and effectiveness of written policies and procedures as well as adherence to OFAC screening requirements.

At the conclusion of your ACH Compliance Audit, we will provide you with: 


  • an informative, detailed report specifying areas where you did or did not meet the criteria for a successful audit; 
  • procedures and controls identified as needing strengthening to reduce risks; 
  • a summary of all findings; and 
  • recommended improvement opportunities. 


A review of all audit findings will be conducted during an exit meeting.

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