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Talk About Scams During National Consumer Protection Week

That call or text might not seem like a scam. It might look like it’s Apple or Microsoft, saying there’s a problem with your computer. (It’s not.) It might seem like it’s Amazon, saying there’s a problem with an order. (Also no.) It might even sound like your grandchild, calling with (supposedly) an emergency. (Still no.) All of these are scammers. This is National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) and the Federal Trade Commission and ePayResources are inviting you to join us in talking about scams just like these.

Scammers target everyone, in any language. But research and experience show that talking about scams helps us avoid them. So, this NCPW, let’s talk about scams. Start a conversation to share what you learned about how to spot, avoid, and report scams. Maybe even reach out to someone who might need a little extra help or information.

ePayResources offers the chance to talk fraud with your peer institutions and law enforcement personnel at our  Fraud Reduction Meetings held in multiple locations and virtually throughout the year, at no charge to our members.  You can also join the fraud fighting conversation 24/7 in our Fraud Forum Community.  

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