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New Fraud Reduction Rules Approved

Nacha members have approved a set of rules intended to reduce the incidence of fraud, such as business email compromise (BEC), that makes use of credit-push payments. The new rules, effective in 2026, establish a base-level of ACH payment monitoring on all parties in the ACH Network (except consumers).  

The new rules follow the flow of a credit-push payment to promote the detection of fraud from the point of origination through the point of receipt at an account at the RDFI. When fraud is detected, the rules empower the originating financial institution (ODFI) to request the return of the payment for any reason; the RDFI to delay funds availability (within the limits of Regulation CC) to examine the payment more closely; and the RDFI to return a suspicious transaction on its own initiative without waiting for a request or a customer claim. An additional rule facilitates transaction monitoring by RDFIs by applying a standard transaction description for ACH credits used for payroll payments. 

More information about the new rules is available here. A media release about these new rules can be found here, and linked here is an article from Nacha's Jane Larimer that provides additional details about what these rules will mean. Stay tuned for opportunities from ePayResources to learn more about these new rules.