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Identity Theft Awareness Week Helps You Fight Back

As unique as we each are, we all look the same to identity thieves: like good targets. To them, it’s all about our Social Security numbers, birth dates, account login credentials, and other personal information. But during Identity Theft Awareness Week taking place January 30 - February 3, we can all fight back against identity theft.

During Identity Theft Awareness Week 2023, join the Federal Trade Commission to talk about how identity theft affects every community and also look at ways people of different communities — like veterans, students, older adults, and small business owners — might encounter identity thieves. They'll examine common scams that target personal information and discuss how to detect identity theft, help protect against it, and recover if identity theft occurs. Click the Read More button below to find out more about Identity Theft Awareness Week resources from the FTC.  

To learn how cybercriminals gain access to the tools and information they need to commit identity theft, account takeovers, money laundering and more, don't miss ePay's virtual webinar on February 7 featuring Brett Johnson, former U.S. Most Wanted Cybercriminal turned good guy!