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Get to Know Crypto in 2023

Even if you don’t follow the world of cryptocurrency closely, you are likely aware of the recent upheaval in this already volatile industry. According to a recent White House briefing, crypto’s tough year began in May 2022 with the implosion of a stablecoin that triggered a wave of insolvencies. This was followed in November by the collapse of major cryptocurrency exchange FTX, with many individual investors experiencing significant losses. While there has been little negative impact on the financial system at large, the current administration is focused on ensuring cryptocurrencies cannot undermine financial stability, protecting investors, and holding bad actors accountable.

With so many eyes on crypto right now, it’s a great time to get up to speed so you understand – and avoid - the impacts when they occur. Here are some timely resources from ePay to build your crypto knowledge base:

Digital Currency Half-Day Workshop – February 16, 2023 in Dallas, TX
Join us for this new half-day workshop to build an understanding of digital currencies and their application in the payments industry, led by our resident Certified Cryptocurrency Risk Specialist, Barbara Hudgins, Director, Payments Education.

Demystifying Crypto: Beyond Traditional Banking – March 12, 2023 in Orlando, FL
Barbara will be co-presenting this 90-minute pre-conference workshop at ePayConnect along with Will Waltrip from Zero Hash. 

Barbara Hudgins' Three-Part Crypto Primer
This three-part blog series breaks down cryptocurrency, stablecoin, and central bank digital currency.


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