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Embedded Finance May Drive Innovation for Community Banks

As Jeff Nowicki, VP of Banking at Treasury Prime told PYMNTS, embedded finance might be just the thing to drive innovation and change within the financial services sector, especially for smaller community banks that want to bring embedded finance to fintechs and enterprise clients. Embedded finance, he said, lets fintechs and enterprises offer up checking accounts or business accounts across non-traditional channels, which in turn opens up new revenue streams and business lines and increases deposits for smaller banks. Looking ahead, he said, embedded finance will slowly make its way out into the mass market – and for the providers, he told PYMNTS:  “It’s going to be table stakes over the next five years for every bank in the country to have some form of API banking.”

Read the complete PYMNTS article at the Read More link below.  To learn more about embedded finance, plan to attend ePayConnect 2023 - Payments, Data & Customer Experience: The Intersection of Embedded Finance, to be held March 12 - 14 at Disney's Swan & Dolphin Resort in Orlando!.