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Celebrating 50 Years: Recognizing Member Milestones

2024 is a momentous year for ePayResources as we celebrate our 50th anniversary – a milestone we could not have reached without you, our members, whose dedication to fast, safe, and reliable payments is our reason for existence. As part of that celebration we have been recognizing over the past year the membership anniversaries of those institutions who have been part of the ePayResources family since the very beginning.

Thanks to our members, ePayResources has had the honor of serving as a financial industry trade association empowering its members to be informed, compliant, and competitive in payments since 1974.  The payments channels we support have evolved over those decades from ACH to include checks, wire, card, RTP®, FedNow®, and other emerging solutions. 

Congratulations - and thank you - to all these long-time members!

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