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6 Takeaways from ePay’s Executive Payments Summit

If you missed our November 2022 Executive Payments Summit, below are 6 quick takeaways from the event.  Even better, you have another chance to attend EPS on March 14 & 15 immediately following ePayConnect 2023 at Disney's Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando!

1.     Faster payments are like shipping options - how quickly does it need to get there and what type of assurances do you need?

2.     Many financial Institutions say their customers are not asking for faster/instant/real-time payments, and that is true only because they are already using them.

3.     Your competition isn’t large financial Institutions with technology budgets of a billion dollars. Your competition is digital wallets and apps.

4.     As the number of financial Institutions decreases, focus is shifting to heightened awareness of end-to-end user experience (UX or CX) and figuring out how to make your institution stand out from the competition.

5.     Planning and investing in client conversions can save your financial institution time, money, and stress.

6.   Financial institutions are being held more accountable for scams.

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