Code of Conduct

ePayResources adheres to the highest ethical standards when conducting its business and expects its members and associate members to adhere to the same ethical behavior. In order to be in good standing with the ePayResources Code of Conduct, member organizations and representatives and associate members must acknowledge and commit to the following: 

  1. Adhere to the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct and the spirit and letter of all applicable regulations and laws including: antitrust, banking, privacy and other relevant laws.

  2. Act honestly, truthfully and with integrity in all transactions and dealings.

  3. Avoid participation, or the appearance of participation, in any professional misconduct or criminal offense.

  4. Remain current with all ePayResources financial obligations and comply with all applicable ePayResources policies and procedures.

  5. Commit to improving the efficiency, reliability and security of the ACH network.


ePayResources reserves the right to dissociate itself from any member or associate member organization that has been found to have violated any part of the Code of Conduct. 

If you believe that a violation of the ePayResources Code of Conduct may have occurred or may be occurring, you are encouraged and expected to bring the matter to the attention of ePayResources who will review the alleged infraction.