ePayResources is a visible and active stakeholder in the payments industry, our presence provides our members a voice for their best interests.

Staff and Board of Directors work together to advance member interests by participating on leadership boards and industry councils on national, regional, and local levels. We also partner with numerous state groups to support financial institutions and the communities we are all a part of. 

Industry Resources

FFIEC Guidance

Nacha Government Relations
Routing & Transit Lookup

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Industry Leadership

The Payments industry is constantly changing, and there are many groups that influence this change daily.  ePayResources staff and board are active members or have participated within these groups, in order to represent the interests of our members.

  • Nacha Board of Directors
  • Nacha Board Nominating Committee
  • Nacha Risk Management Advisory Group
  • Regional Payments Associations Forum Operations Committee
  • Nacha Government Relations Advisory Group
  • Regional Payments Associations Forum Communications Committee
  • Nacha Blue Ribbon Panel
  • Nacha TPI Board of Regents
  • Nacha Direct Member Summit
  • Nacha Payments Innovation Alliance
  • Federal Reserve Bank 5th District Advisory Council

  • Nacha Communications & Marketing Advisory Group 
  • Financial Women in Texas - Dallas Group
  • Association of Financial Professionals - Dallas
  • American Payroll Association - Dallas Group
  • FBR Payment System Improvement Town Halls
  • Texas Dept. of Banking - Payment Systems Meeting
  • Executive Leadership Payments Summit
  • Executive Leadership on Cybersecurity
  • Federal Reserve Bank Faster Payments Task Force
  • Federal Reserve Bank Secure Payments Task Force

Industry Support

ePayResources supports our payments industry state groups. Supporting each of these groups allows us to promote the payments industry, financial services, and the communities you live in. Thank you to each of these groups for supporting payments and supporting ePayResources in all of our endeavors!

Current groups include: 

Credit Union Association of New Mexico
Commonwealth of VA, AFP Chapter
Cornerstone Credit Union League
Florida Bankers Association
Independent Bankers Association of Texas
ICBA of New Mexico
Virginia Bankers Association
Louisiana Bankers Association
Louisiana Credit Union League
New Mexico Bankers Association
North Carolina Bankers Association
Texas Bankers Association