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EIP3 has begun! 

Updated March 31, 2021:   

IRS Press Release on March 30

IRS FAQ for EIP3 on March 29

Fourth wave of EIP3 carries effective date of Wednesday, April 7, 2021. 
A few reminders based on common questions we receive from our members:

1. Posting an ACH credit early is a business decision that a financial institution must make for itself.
2. A financial institution cannot unilaterally reopen an account.
3. A financial institution can rely solely on account number to post ACH payments.

Updated Company Entry Description, per Department of the Treasury memo on March 11:
Company Name:  ‘IRS  TREAS 310’
Company Entry Description:  '  TAXEIP3 ’   (Field 7; positions 54, 55, and 63 are blank)

There is not a garnishment exemption for EIP3.

Read the March 17 press release from Department of the Treasury.  
Read the latest 
Federal Reserve Bulletin on EIP3.

Read the Department of the Treasury notice on Treasury Checks for EIP3.

Check back often for updates!  Member financial institutions can ask ePay on our Payments Answerline™ at 800-475-0585, Option 1 if you have questions.  The Payments Answerline is only for the use of ePay member institutions and should not be distributed to your customers or members.

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