ACH Rules Updates

2017 Rules Books

2017 ACH Operating Rules and Guidelines. published by NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association are ready! ePayResources sends each member Financial Institution one complimentary copy of the Rules book each year.  In addition to hard copy, the Rules are also available on CD or online.  Each Rules book comes with an access code for the online version, or the online version may be purchased separately. 

NACHA also publishes a condensed Corporate Edition of the ACH Operating Rules annually, designed for use by Originators.  The Corporate Edition is also available in book, or online format.  

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Same Day ACH

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Rules Supplements

Click here to download supplements to the rules issued throughout the year after the printed versions are complete.   

ACH Rule Making Process - Ballots & Request for Comments

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ACH Rules Online

Click here to access the NACHA Operating Rules online - you will need the serial number from your 2017 Rules book to create or update your account for online access!

ACH Rules Violations

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ACH Volume Statistics

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