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Requests for Comment/Requests for Information

Although ePayResources does send in comments on behalf of our membership, we strongly recommend that you respond to Requests for Comment on your own, especially the Surveys. Your opinion does make a difference in the rule-making process.

Current Requests for Comment/Information: 

  • DFI to DFI Messaging - Comments due March 24, 2017
  • IAT Topics - Comments due March 24, 2017

All documentation, including survey links, related to each topic can be found at:



Any past ballots, surveys, or RFCs, are a Member Only Resources. As we work to integrate our resources and communications channels, you will see this site evolve.  In the meantime, you will need to refer back to the former EastPay or SWACHA sites for those additional resources. 

Members in the former SWACHA footprint:         

Members in the former EastPay footprint:               



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Rules Ballots

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