Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP)

The APRP credential demonstrates that you, or your employees, have mastered the complexities of risk management for ACH, check, wire, debit, credit and prepaid cards, and emerging and alternative payments. Exam participants should have a comprehensive knowledge of risk management strategies, concepts and mitigation techniques within the payments ecosystem.


Aspiring APRP Power Package

Are you committed to taking the APRP exam? Then the Aspiring APRP Power Package is for you! The APRP Power Package includes all of the following to set you on your way toward successfully achieving the APRP certification. The Power Package includes all the publications and training opportunities listed below.

What you need to know to become an APRP webinar (free)
APRP Prep package (Publications) ($210 value)
APRP Prep In-Person ($245 value)
APRP Prep - Webinar Series ($695 value) 

Aspiring APRP Publication Package

The Aspiring APRP Publication Package includes all the study materials you will need!

APRP Publication Package
, ($210) includes:
Managing ACH Credit Risk Guide
NACHA's ACH Risk Management Handbook
APRP Flashcards

Member:            $995
Non-Member:   $1,995

NOTE - Nacha Certification Test cost not included in APRP Power Package pricing.

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Training Dates & Locations


APRP In-Person Training - Moved to Virtual Delivery



2020 APRP Webinar Series
January 7
What You Need to Know to Become an APRP

Goal: Informing webinar series registrants what to expect when preparing to take the APRP certification. These program policies include information on testing categories, as well as education offerings and requirements. The APRP Program Policies can be found online at
This session shares information about the resources and tools ePayResources provides as part of the preparation series. During this session we state our expectations; review the Connections community participation; practice tests and quizzes; and syllabus objectives.

February 11

Goal: This session covers what you can expect with the ePayResources APRP education program, as well as an overview of payment systems.

February 25
Rules & Regulations

Goal: This session will help make sense of the regulatory alphabet soup governing payments risk by clarifying which regulations speak specifically to payments systems.

March 10
Payments Risk

Goal: This session focuses on the various risks across the different payment channels.

March 17
Risk Policy and Governance

Goal: This session looks at industry standards for defining risk appetite and implementing policies and procedures.

March 31

Goal: This session includes audit requirements, risk assessments, and standards and practices for monitoring internal activity.

April 7
Security & Business Continuity Planning

Goals: This session covers the physical and data security policies, procedures, and standards for protecting payment-related data and minimizing risk exposure; as well as preparing for the worst to minimize damage to the institution.

May 19
APRP Drop-In Call

June 23
APRP Drop-In Call

Registration for this series includes:

One dial-in connection to each session
One set of course materials and study plans via ePayResources Connections
One access to the APRP Prep Series Study Group via ePayResources Connections