Accredited ACH Professional (AAP)

Are you looking to distinguish yourself from the competition and stand out from the crowd? Raise your credentials to the next level? Earn your AAP accreditation and set yourself apart while giving you and your organization the competitive edge!

The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) exam is designed to elevate your knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the ACH payment channel. Passing this exam sets you apart as a well-rounded payments professional and the go-to internal resource!

If you are contemplating taking the AAP exam, ePayResources provides the method and materials to give you the best opportunity for achieving accreditation. Our training programs consist of webinars, workshops, in-person classes plus on-demand courses, and each is structured to aid in your preparation. The AAP accreditation is within your reach. You supply the motivation and we supply the strategy for attaining success!

Aspiring AAP Power Package

Are you committed to taking the AAP exam this year? Then the Aspiring AAP Power Package is for you! The Power Package includes the following options to help you on your way toward successfully achieving the AAP certification:

•  AAP Publication Package (valued at $375), which includes:

ACH Rules Book
ACH Rules Book Tabs
ACH Compliance Manual
ACH Pro CD (Ships Summer 2020)
Revised UCC4A and the ACH Network
ACH Product and Marketing Handbook
ACH Risk Management Handbook
2020 Return Reason Code Guide
AAP Flashcards
SEC Code Quick Reference Guide

•  AAP Preparation Webinar Series (access for one) (valued at $995), which includes:

Nine webinars to cover the AAP exam categories including an interactive review
Webinar Quiz following webinar sessions two through eight
Exclusive, resource-rich Connections community for on-going study and discussion
Pre-series and Post-series Practice tests
Experience building teach-back assignments (homework) (Series 1 only)

•  What You Need to Know to Become an AAP Webinar (introductory webinar to assist planning AAP study)

•  AAP Preparatory  - In-person Two Full Days (valued at $495)

•  AAP Review Before You Test - In-person Two Full Days (valued at $495)

NOTE - Nacha Certification Test cost not included in AAP Power Package pricing.

The current training period has been completed for this testing period. Please check back in January for information on the next training period. Email for more information or call 800-475-0585.

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2020 Events and Dates

AAP Preparation for the Exam

Start your AAP study preparations the right way with ePayResources' in-person AAP prep class. This comprehensive two-day workshop provides the core curriculum needed to frame your preparation for the AAP exam. If you are limited to taking only one in-person AAP course, this is the one for you.



AAP Prep Webinar Series

ePayResources offers two study webinar series to meet the needs of our members. This first begins test preparation in May. The second series begins late June. Each series -contains nine webinars that not only inform but also engage you as you prepare for Nacha's AAP exam. The webinars discuss every study area of the AAP test and add a review session at the end.

Each participant receives a Question-of-the-Day email every business day directly to their inbox. Don’t worry if you do not, yet, know the answer to the Question-of-the-Day email, the answer is always provided the next business day. Year after year, participants cite the Question-of-the-Day emails as one of their favorite resources.

Both webinar series include two practice exams, one at the beginning of each series and one after each series. The pre-series test feedback reveals strongest and weakest knowledge categories to allow for fine-tuned study. Participants find it helpful to identify areas of concern early in the test preparation process. The pre-series test also sets a base-line to show increased learning throughout the webinar series. Each test gives experience taking an AAP-style, timed test. If you join the series on the day of the first webinar, only one practice test is provided—post-series.

At the end of each session, a reading assignment is given. The reading prepares the AAP candidate for the next webinar’s topics and instruction. The assigned reading takes a participant through the entire Nacha Operating Rules Book and Guidelines. Following sessions two through eight, an eight to ten question pop quiz is given. Candidates also gain access to Connections, a dedicated online community where operational discussions are held to increase understanding of the ACH Network.

Registration for the webinar series one and two closes as of the third webinar in each series—May 20 and July 7 respectively.

Series One

Series one is for those who want extra time to complete reading assignments, study, and clarify information. Session are held every other week on Wednesday to allow participants more time to prepare for the next session.

Research shows experience and reflection are the best learning methods. Series one includes both types of learning through “teach-back” assignments. We pair up participants and assign four topics that the pair of AAP candidates prepare and deliver. It allows each participant to put the information they study into their own words! Together, the pair prepare bullet points to demonstrate their knowledge of the four topics. No PowerPoint experience or training experience is necessary to complete the teach-back assignment.

Series Two

The second series begins test preparation in late June. Session are held each Tuesday. The condensed schedule allows an AAP candidate to complete the series in nine weeks. Due to the shortened study time, series two does not include the teach-back assignment.



Session Title and Description



Introduction: Beginning AAP Exam Preparation

Goal: Informing participants that AAP's should be familiar with, and abide by, all AAP Program Policies. These program policies include information on testing categories, as well as continuing education requirements. The AAP Program Policies can be found online at /app-program-policies.
This session shares information about the resources and tools ePayResources provides as part of the preparation series. During this session we state our expectations for the teach-back assignments; Connections community participation; practice tests; session quizzes; and syllabus objectives.



General Payments Overview, Comparative Payment Systems

Goal: To understand the history and structure of the ACH Network and to learn to distinguish between other payments systems and governance. Mastery of this test category requires a candidate to draw comparisons between ACH, Card, Check, and Wire; to know rules, regulations, and statutes of each payment type; recite payment channel participants and draw comparisons between the payment channels.



Products & Marketing

Goal: To understand the products available in the ACH Network, examples include Standard Entry Class Codes; Direct Deposit; and Same Day ACH. There are 23 Standard Entry Class Codes defined for use in the ACH Network. AAP candidates should be able to recite them.



Rules & Regulations part 1

Goal: To be well versed in the rules and regulations that govern the origination and receipt of ACH payments, and to know where to source and verify rule requirements governing various aspects of ACH processing.
Part 1 covers Articles 1, 2, 7, and 8, as well as portions of the Guidelines that speaks to these Rules articles.



Rules & Regulations part 2

Goal: To be very knowledgeable in the rules and regulations that govern the origination and receipt of ACH payments and to know where to source and verify rule requirements governing various aspects of ACH processing.
Part 2 covers Articles 3, 4, 5, and 6, as well as portions of the Guidelines that speak to these four articles.



Rules & Regulations part 3

Goal: To be very knowledgeable in the rules and regulations that govern the origination and receipt of ACH payments and to know where to source and verify rule requirements governing various aspects of ACH processing.
Part 3 covers OCC Bulletins; the Green Book and Title 31 Code of Federal Regulations Part 210; Uniform Commercial Code Articles 4 and 4A; Regulation E; Regulation D; Regulation CC; Operating Circulars; and OFAC.



Technical Standards & Formats / Risk Management

Goals: To understand the basic building blocks of the ACH File structure; specifications for data acceptance by ACH Operators; minimum description standards; Return Entries and Return Reason Codes; Notification of Change Entries and Notification of Change Coders; Acknowledgement Entries; Rules compliance audit requirements; compensation Rules; arbitration procedures; and Rules enforcement procedures. The technical specifications include all eleven appendices.
To understand and recognize the types of risk inherent to the ACH payments system and mitigation techniques.



Operational Process & Flow

Goal: To put into practice the knowledge gained from the other five AAP test categories This session will concentrate on applications of the Rules and other ACH Network governance; technical specifications; exception handling; and risk mitigation. AAP candidates should come to this session prepared to demonstrate their knowledge.



Webinar Review & Testing Information

Goal: Stump the instructors! This session is the last opportunity for AAP candidates to ask questions of the instructors during a live webinar. Bring your questions.
We will discuss the topics that the previous sessions revealed further clarification is necessary. Tips to help solve story problems will be shared.
During this session we share information about the PSI testing centers and what to expect on the day of your test.

AAP In-Person Review - Moved to Virtual Delivery!

Complete your preparation for the AAP Exam by attending one of our AAP Review sessions. This two-day session takes place the month prior to the exam and uses hands-on and group interaction to solidify the candidate’s knowledge. Special attention is given to critical areas of study including regulations, file formatting, time frames, and operation scenarios! We also share suggested test-taking tips (hopefully) to reduce stress and make the process a little easier.