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Payments education in real time when it’s convenient for YOU!

ePay’s library of on-demand education covers a broad range of payments topics.  Create a schedule that is convenient for you and study at your own pace!

If you have any questions during your learning journey, our ePayResources’ accredited payments professionals are available to assist you.  They are here answer any questions you might have on our toll-free Payments Answerline™ at 1-800-475-0585, Option 1 during normal business hours and don’t forget you have the Connections Community, a resource for ePay members to pose questions and get answers anytime!


Price per module:

  • $245 Members (or 2 Education Club points)
  • $495 Non-Members
Accessible for 90 days after purchase

Education Topics Available:

  • ACH Training
  • Audit and Risk
  • Cards and Treasury Management
  • Check and Remote Deposit Capture
  • Exception Item Processing
  • ODFI Originator Management
  • Real-Time and Emerging Payments
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LMSR000610 Ways I Can Hack You Using EmailLMSR0006
LMSR00072020 ACH Rules Update On DemandLMSR0007
LMSR7011A Focus on Federal Government Payments On-demandLMSR7011
LMSM7014ACH 101 On-demandLMSM7014
LMSM7015ACH 102 On-demandLMSM7015
LMSR8002ACH Basics 101 On-demandLMSR8002
LMSR8003ACH Basics 201 On-demandLMSR8003
LMSM7001ACH Bits & Bytes: The Technical Made Simple On-demandLMSM7001
LMSM7008ACH Exceptions Items Processing On-demandLMSM7008
LMSR8018ACH Fundamentals for Business Originators On-demandLMSR8018
LMSM7005ACH Operations On-demandLMSM7005
LMSM7006ACH Origination On-demandLMSM7006
LMSM0002ACH Products On-demandLMSM0002
LMSM7007ACH Risk Basics On-demandLMSM7007
LMSR8026ACH Risk Mitigation On-demandLMSR8026
LMSM8001ACH Rules Compliance On-demandLMSM8001
LMSM7020Alternative Payments On-demandLMSM7020
LMSM8004Around the World in 80 PaymentsLMSM8004
LMSM7011Banking and Electronic Payments On-demandLMSM7011
LMSM7018Card 101 On-demandLMSM7018