ACH Boot Camp

ePayResources is the leading resource for boot camps in the ACH world. Our training provides:

  • A jump start into the ACH world
  • Months of experience in two days
  • Proper training
  • Reduced risk
  • Two different courses available: 
    • ACH Boot Camp - Fundamentals Basic Training
    • ACH Boot Camp - Compliance Specialist Training School

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ACH Boot Camp - Fundamentals Basic Training

Come to this two-day Boot Camp and get your ACH Operations in shape! Greenhorns and seasoned veterans alike walk away from this two-day intensive Boot Camp with a fundamentally sound understanding of how to win the battle for compliant and efficient ACH operations.

During this course, recruits take part in an interactive course and learn to recognize all varieties of ACH Network participants and their rights and responsibilities; discover how familiarity with ACH Network terminology and payment formats can help to speed up resolution of customer inquiries; learn where to find needed information in the ACH Rules Book; and discover electronic fund transfer exception processing techniques and tricks, to improve an ODFI's and RDFI's overall risk management program.

This seminar is recommended as a pre-cursor to ACH Boot Camp - Compliance Specialist Training School.

Session Take Aways Include:

  • RDFI ACH Transaction Handling Reference Chart
  • SEC Code Quick Reference Chart
  • Document Retention Quick Reference Chart
  • Time frames Quick Reference Chart
  • FAQs

AAP/ APRP CEC: Up to 12
NCP CEC: Up to 0.6


ACH Boot Camp - Compliance Specialist Training School

This intermediate level Boot Camp focuses on today's rapidly changing payments environment and heightened regulatory concerns. 

During this compliance-based seminar, we explore new ACH Rules and outline the steps to carry out these changes successfully. In addition, a focused discussion of ACH Origination provides you with the vital information needed to formulate a strategy to begin and grow an effective ACH Origination service, while avoiding common, and costly mistakes. No matter how new or established your origination program, strategies learned during the Boot Camp help to grow the business.

ACH Boot Camp - Compliance Specialist Training School also examines an RDFI’s responsibility for all Federal benefit payments and garnishment orders received and the liability for a now-deceased or legally incapacitated beneficiary's payment. Although the RDFI may take deliberate steps to limit its liability, it will always bear some liability for a Federal Government benefit reclamation. It’s imperative to understand this reclamation process to limit potential losses.

Since no ACH compliance training is complete without a discussion of ACH audit and risk management practices and procedures, this interactive Boot Camp provides hands-on compliance training in the areas of ACH audit; risk management; origination; and Federal reclamations.

Seasoned professionals walk away from this intensive two-day class prepared to face the ACH world head on!

Though not required, it is recommended that attendees have 2+ years ACH experience due to the elevated level of discussion.

Session Take Aways Include:

  • ACH Compliance Checklist
  • GAP analysis document for evaluation of ACH Risk Management programs
  • And other checklists and quick references

AAP/ APRP CEC: Up to 12
NCP CEC: Up to 1.2

Visit our Online Store for dates and locations for each Boot Camp and to register!

Fundamentals Basic Training

Virtual Event - December 7 - 8

Compliance Specialist Training School

Virtual Event - December 14 - 15