ePayResources™ and ePayAdvisors™ Guiding Principles

Providing exemplary service to our members and clients is our primary focus, and our Guiding Principles direct how we conduct our daily activities and interactions --with our members and clients as well as with our teammates, board of directors, industry partners, peer organizations, and the communities that we serve.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We continuously and proactively look to innovate and enhance our products, services and processes. With a laser focus on our members’ and clients’ needs, and without artificial boundaries, we will evolve to meet them... today and in the future.

Teamwork: We demonstrate a shared commitment to the goals and mission of our organization. We are supportive of each other’s efforts and celebrate our successes. We are straightforward and honest in how we interact, internally and externally. Our goal is to provide clarity and understanding through concise and effective communication. 

Respect for the Individual: We honor the opinions, points of view and rights of our members and clients, our fellow teammates and all those with whom we interact. We treat others with the highest degree of dignity, equality, and courtesy. We conduct ourselves with professionalism at all times.

Integrity and Trust: We hold our organization and ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Each of us is accountable for our actions. Our members have confidence, trust, and “peace of mind” that we act in their best interests, not our own. We strive to maintain objectivity in our interactions with others.

Passion for Excellence: We show enthusiasm, dedication, and pride in providing the highest quality products and services to our members and clients. Our service quality is focused on reliability and responsiveness. We are all about “getting it right the first time” and driving results that set us apart from our peers.