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Empowering our members to be informed, compliant, and competitive in payments     

Online Professional Development

ACH Certification Program

Expand your knowledge of electronic payments, demonstrate your commitment to professionalism, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace with ePayResources' ACH Certification Program. This program is available exclusively to members of ePayResources.

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ITP Certificate Program

This self-paced series provides you with a foundational understanding of electronic banking and multiple payment systems

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Remote Friendly Education


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Managing An Effective BSA & Anti-Money Laundering Program - April 7

Beyond Marijuana Banking: Regulator Expectations - April 9

2020 Nacha Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect - April 20 - 22

A Deeper Understanding of the Darknet and Dark Markets - April 23

On-Demand Library

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Remote Engagements

Contact our ePayAdvisors team for REMOTE audit and risk assessment services!

About ePayResources

For over 40 years, ePayResources has been empowering financial institutions and businesses to be informed, compliant, and competitive by providing payments expertise, professional development, and industry leadership. Dallas-basedePayResources is a payments association member of Nacha and a sponsor of the Center for Payments.  Our wholly-owned subsidiary, ePayAdvisors, provides payments-related risk management, compliance, and consulting services to financial institutions and businesses throughout the U.S.   

ePayResources Mission 
"To empower our members to be informed, compliant, and competitive in payments." 

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The ePayAdvisors Difference

Audit and Risk Assessment services from ePayAdvisors provide fast, thorough results that help safeguard your institution!

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