Robbery Reward Program

Robberies are not only costly in monetary terms, but are also time consuming and disruptive to peace-of-mind. Our award-winning program offers a reward for information leading to the arrest and charging of persons criminally responsible for a robbery at a participating financial institution or a remote proprietary ATM site. This program helps stop criminals before they can strike again.

Robbery Reward™ is now available for multi-state institutions and receives full support from local, regional, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The program is also cost effective: less than $1.50 per day for each branch location.


  • Access to industry forums for networking and exploring solutions regarding loss avoidance issues.
  • Citizen participation encouraged by cash rewards and anonymity.
  • Full support of law enforcement agencies.
  • Increased recovery of bank robbery losses.
  • Access to the Robbery Reward™ program is just one of the unique advantages of ePayResources membership.


Tim Quisenberry, AAP
EVP, Member & Industry Relations
(214) 438-4506