Fraud Reduction Meetings

A networking resource for professionals to discuss matters affecting bank security or potential losses due to fraudulent activity. 

One of the benefits of being a valued ePayResources member is our series of Fraud Reduction Committee Meetings. There meetings are held regularly throughout the year in various cities. This networking resource for professionals from financial institutions and law enforcement agencies is scheduled on a regular basis to address critical security and investigate issues and problems within the financial industry.

The role of these meetings is to inform participants of matters affecting bank security or potential losses due to fraudulent activity.

Who Should Attend?
Financial Institution Fraud Investigators
Compliance Officers
Sr. Operations Officers
Risk Management Officers
Law Enforcement Criminal Investigation Departments
Law Enforcement White Collar Crime Unites

Pricing: Complimentary to ePayResources Members

Contact 800-475-0585 or email if you have any questions! 

Click here to learn more and/or register to attend one or more of these FREE Fraud Reduction Meetings in your area! More locations in the SE region will be added soon. 

3/16/2017 - Plano TX
3/28/2017 - Austin TX
4/13/2017 - Albuquerque NM
5/9/2017 - Houston TX
5/17/2017 - San Antonio TX
6/15/2017 - Plano TX
6/20/2017 - Austin TX
7/11/2017 - Houston TX
7/19/2017 - San Antonio TX
8/15/2017 - Albuquerque NM
9/19/2017 - Austin TX
9/20/2017 - San Antonio TX
9/21/2017 - Plano TX
10/25/2017 - Las Cruces NM
11/14/2017 - Houston TX
11/15/2017 - San Antonio TX
11/21/2017 - Albuquerque NM
12/6/2017 - Plano TX
12/7/2017 - Austin TX