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Faster Payments Town Hall

NEW Faster Payments Town Hall Brings the Expert to You! 

Every day there is a new payments solution in the headlines, new options being made available to your account holders, and a new puzzle for you to solve. Whether it's Zelle, Real-Time Payments, Same Day ACH, Venmo, or other platforms that may be offered, our Faster Payments Town Hall brings you insight into the payments challenges and opportunities that your institution faces on a daily basis.

We have been scouring the industry, touching base with all the innovators, movers, and shakers, to bring you the latest in what you need to know to prepare for Faster Payments!

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Executive Payments Summit 

Banking, Payments, Customer: Strategies for the Next Generation! 

One day.  Fast-paced.  A program specifically for C-level and senior executives, to drive your strategies forward!

Speed and security.  Innovation and compliance.  How do you balance these often opposing forces as you create a payments strategy that meets customer demands now and in the years ahead?  Spend a day in Dallas with ePayResources and, together, let’s envision the future of the payments industry!

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About ePayResources

ePayResources, formed by the merger of SWACHA and EastPay, is the second-largest Regional Payments Association member of NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association. We have been providing payments expertise to financial institutions and businesses for over forty years, through rules interpretation support, education, publications, compliance support, risk management resources, and advocacy. 

ePayResources Mission 
"To be the trusted advisor of choice for electronic payments education, advocacy, and expertise." 

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